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Finding My Voice In Art Through The Study Of Art History.


Welcome to my exploration of art history as I endeavor to find my artistic voice in contemporary art. So who am I? I am a new contemporary artist finding my place in the crowed world of artists of the 21st century. I did not grow up in a world of art and in fact I was discouraged from pursuing art in any of its forms. In early elementary school I had a teacher tell me, "It's ok dear, not everyone can be an artist," when I was struggling to create within the parameters she set for the class. Instead of encouraging me she chose to shut down my creative spirit. For the next almost four decades I avoided all art and creative endeavors, leaving a void in my life that I did not understand. I always felt a need to create but thought that I was not capable, so I went into the sciences which I enjoyed and it provided a good life for my children Then when I was 45 a friend invited me to a Paint and Sip event where I created my first painting. For the first time I found that I had the ability to create beautiful paintings and I went on to take two college painting courses as well as an art history class. This art history class was less than enlightening and left me feeling disconnected from the art world, so I am going to do my own study of art history as a way of finding my voice that was silenced for so long.

Journey Through Art History

I will be starting my journey at the beginning with an exploration of pre-history art and the bond of art that connects all of humanity through the centuries. While we will never know exactly who created these works or what purpose of those works we will look at how they were created and what they mean to us today. I will do my best to make this study interesting and as complete as possible. My focus will not be so much on the dates but rather on the content of the work and the methods used to create it, and how it influences creators today. Who were the artists that shaped our world? What drove them to create what they did? What methods did they use? What medium was popular at the time and which did they find their voice in (if that is a thing)?

Will you join me on this journey?

It is my hope that many of you will find this blog insightful and join me and find your own voice as an artist.

What artists would like to learn more about? What areas of their lives would you like to delve into deeper? Open discussions are how we go from creating in a vacuum to collaborating and growing our work. Don't forget to register on my site to be the first to see my new posts.

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